Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum


One of the first natural history museums in the world, the “Grigore Antipa” Museum was officially open in its current siege in 1908.     

Originally, it was called the “History and Antiquities Museum” and it was founded in 1834, upon the proposition of the ban Mihalache Ghica. It had many sieges, among which the current “Saint Sava” College of Bucharest.

The current siege of the Museum began to be built in 1904, upon the insistency of Grigore Antipa, its manager at that time, when the Museum witnessed a special development. This is also the reason why the Museum was called by its manager’s name, in 1933.

Currently, the Museum shelters around 1,300,000 exemplars, grouped in 130 collections belonging to most of the groups of animals. One can admire here collections of minerals, rocks and fossils. The value of the exhibits is all the greater as among them there are more than 5,000 unique exemplars in the world.